M Room Classic Gold Shaving Soap 2,8 oz

M Room Classic Gold Shaving Soap 2,8 oz



The traditional shaving soap lathered up with a shaving brush.

What does it do?

Washes away the natural oils from whiskers easing the shave and gives a protective cushion to the skin while shaving.


Soak the brush in tab hot water to let the bristles to absorb water. Give the brush a gentle shake to remove excess water. Load the brush with soap for about 30sec and then lather in a bowl for about one minute. Apply the lather to the face by brush to spread it evenly around the whiskers and to lift them up. After use rinse the soap with cool water.

What else?

For a more enjoyable shave using a pre-shave oil is highly recommended. An aftershave balm will soothen and moisten the skin. An aluminium tin is an easy way to store and use the shaving soap. The tins can be bought separately from the M Store

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Potassiums Stearate, Potassiums Cocoate, Aqua, Glyserin, Parfum, Lanolin, Citronellol.