Reshape Goo

Reshape Goo


Reshape Goo 2.54 oz

What? The chameleon of styling products. New type of wax that can be used like styling jelly or water based pomade.

What it does? Depending on the amount and way you use this Reshape Goo, the end result varies from a light, natural texture with movement to an extreme pomade like control and shine.

How to use? Use on dry, damp or wet hair. Only creativeness and madness are the limits to use this Goo. You’ll be surprised what you can do! -Small amount rubbed on dry hair à A Naturally texturized look -Small amount on damp hair à Natural body, sleek and shine -Big amount on dry hair à Strong hold and shine -Big amount on damp hair à Extremely shiny and strong hold, but not gelcrispy

Else? This product washes out very easily.

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